Essential oils are a buncha baloney. Or are they…?


Now, ok, yes, I was a HUGE skeptic about essential oils.  HUGE.  I have had booths at a couple of vendor shows where there was also an oil booth, and have admittedly turned my nose up and walked right on by, not wanting to be “sucked in.” Because in the back of my mind I knew that if I let them tell me about oils, that I would be hooked, and I didn’t have time or energy for one more thing in my life.
But, let me give you a little back story.  

My precious 5 year old, Emmy Rose.  Many of you know what a challenge she can be at times… uncooperative, control issues, that sort of thing. Earlier this summer we learned that she needed her tonsils out, and we were hoping that a side effect of the surgery would be enabling her to sleep better, thus improving her behavior.  Because let me tell you, we were becoming exhausted from all the frustration, and poor Ashley (age 11) was feeling so pushed aside from our giving all of our attention to her little sister, it was time to do something drastic. I contemplated medication for her behaviors, but I wanted to try a more natural route first.

Ok back to the oil story…the beginning of June I started a new job.  I asked a coworker if she had “jumped on the oil train yet,” and it turned out that she is a member of The Oil Room in Aberdeen, SD.  The Oil Room is a retail space that sells essential oils, diffusers, nutritional supplements, oil diffusing jewelry, etc.  Anyway, I told her about the behavior issues that we had been having with Emmy, and the frustration and drama it was causing in our household, and she suggested that I try applying some Serenity on her feet at bedtime.  I agreed, she got me a bottle, and I tried it on myself a couple of days later, since Em was scheduled for her tonsil surgery just a couple of days later, and I thought I probably shouldn’t try anything new on her right before that.

I slept better that night than I have ever slept.  And, I woke up more refreshed, not all groggy and tired like I usually do.  After that first use, I was a skeptic no more.  

So, then I made a rollerball (more on that later…) mix of Serenity for my mom.  She tried it, and swears that it helped her sleep that very first night too!  I’m thinking, ok, there might be something to this…

Then I was invited to an educational class about oils.  I went, thinking, ok, I’ll listen and see what this is all about.  My mom and a friend came with me, and by the time we were done with the class we had ordered the Family Physician Enrollment Kit and my membership began!

Mainly in this post I wanted to tell about my experience so far with some of the different oils. Sorry for the long intro, but I hope that you will see that they really do work, and even if my results haven’t necessarily been life-changing as of yet, it has opened my eyes to providing a more natural solution for some of my family’s…shall we say…issues.  Read on…

EMMY’S BEHAVIOR:  Emmy is a straight up challenging child.  She’s moody, demanding, controlling…so I took home a sample bottle of Balance and bergamot.  Balance is supposed to “promote tranquility while bringing harmony to the mind and body, and balance to the emotions.”  That sounded like just the ticket.  So, I put it on the bottoms of her feet, and then put socks on her so the oils wouldn’t get all over everywhere.  Those first couple of days I wouldn’t say I saw a drastic change in her behavior, but I definitely think she seemed calmer, and less moody.

Later that week I let her pick out an oil-diffusing bracelet. I put a couple drops of Serenity and Balance on it, and she has worn it all but one day since. The one day she didn’t wear it?  Just like our “pre-oil” days. Horrible.  

She loves to put it up to her nose and breathe it in…says it’s her “good girl” oil!  Lately things have gotten a little tense, so I am thinking about adjusting the dilution of her roller ball or maybe even trying a new combo altogether to see if we get better results.  I read somewhere that thyme, wintergreen, and lavender are good for anger issues. 

I WILL say, though, that the day last week when my husband made me turn off the kitchen diffuser with Serenity and Balance and a leeetle bit of wild orange, (it was blowing on his food. 🙄) was the day that things started getting tense around here again. For ALL of us. Hmmm…

SLEEP:  I added some vetiver (which acts as a natural tranquilizer) to a roller ball that already contained some Serenity, Balance and fractionated coconut oil that I had been using on Em for sleep. In the first week of using it, she fell asleep within 1/2 hour at least 4 of the nights.  This was a HUGE improvement over the 2 hours+ that it normally takes her to fall asleep.

STAIN REMOVAL:  I splattered some foundation on my white t-shirt before work one morning.  Three spots.  I tried a wet washcloth with soap, nothing.  Tried laundry soap, nothing.  Then I remembered that I had heard somewhere that lemon oil works for stain removal.  I put two drops on the wet washcloth, blotted the area, and…

Ta da!  No more makeup stains!  

CLEANING:  I put two drops of wild orange in my mop water, and my house smelled amazing for the next few hours!  It helps disinfect also, so that’s an added bonus. 

If you are interested in learning more, come to my class on Monday, August 15 at 7 PM at The Oil Room. The weekend before that they are moving into their new location, which is the building that Inspire was in out by the mall in Aberdeen.  If you’re not able to make it, let me know and we can meet one on one and I will share the information with you on how you can get the oils at a discount, and even FREE!   Or you can visit my FB page at facebook/crazyoiltrain, or check out the enrollment page of my website. Thanks!